Marina Walker Rose


Seven Doors of the Firemaker

The Firemaker Companion Notebook

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Marina Walker Rose, author of Seven Doors of the Firemaker and The Firemaker Companion Notebook, discusses how women heal via art, beauty, and brave exploration.

A Personal and Planetary Adventure

Irreverent, soulful, and epically transformational, Seven Doors of The Firemaker: A Personal and Planetary Adventure is the story of Helen Brower, an awkward, slightly adrift young woman who boards a bus in the rain and begins a rabbit hole adventure worthy of Alice and Dorothy.

A Very Human Cosmic Explorer’s Guide

The Firemaker Companion Notebook is your invitation and cosmic passport to the Land Behind the Doors. There is a healing garden waiting for you in the center of this place. Stay as long as you like, whenever you like. As you explore all that exists here, you’ll be charting your way though the Seven Doors, finding an Aunt Betty of your own, learning with The Firemaker on the Little Bridge, smashing your Pearls of Pain, and finding your True Self and the way home to your City of  Joy and the golden light of the Cosmic Beyond. The goal isn’t to finish; it’s to open new doors of discovery and growth to find out for yourself who you are, how you want to live, and what it feels like to really, truly, finally know that you are all right.


The Golden