The Green Velvet Sofa Book Club

A Place to Dream

Curl up; bring your tea and a cozy throw and journey with me to the Land Behind the Doors — a very real magical place where healing and transformation happen one door at a time.

-Marina Walker Rose

Join the author and other Cosmic Explorers for the online launch of The Green Velvet Sofa Book Club. Meet Marina Walker Rose as she reads from the novel, explores the Seven Doors metaphors, responds to reader’s questions, and spills a little Behind the Doors tea!

The Green Velvet Sofa Book Club takes off on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 pm pacific time and runs for 7 consecutive Thursday evenings until May 28th. You can join at any time during the 7 weeks.
Register now for 90 minutes of weekly fun and illumination from Behind the Doors.

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    (Recommended but not required)
    (Recommended but not required)